Paint Protection Film

Extreme Protection

Extreme Protection

Science driven innovation has developed the strongest, most durable protection you can give your vehicle. Built with three essential layers, each Avery Dennison paint protection film is guaranteed to preserve perfect paintwork against extreme conditions.


High-performance films for advanced protection

Our high-performance films are constructed from enhanced polyurethane, and provide exceptional scratch resistance, selfhealing, and supreme visual finishes, all while being virtually invisible.

Ultimate Performance

Protection You can Trust

Built with advanced engineered
layers, Avery Dennison® Paint
Protection Films are developed
to give you peace of mind for
everyday vehicle usage. Our
advanced protection preserves
OEM paint finishes against
daily environmental and road
conditions such as stone chips,
gravel, scratches, insects, bird
droppings and road debris.

Always looking factory new

A car in perfect condition has
faultless paintwork. Avery
Dennison PPF films create an
advanced barrier between
the elements and your car’s
precious paint, protecting it
with superior stain resistance,
and extreme durability against
impacts and scratches, even
self-healing so that your paint
is always looking factory new.

Install with Confidence

Our next-generation films
are designed to protect your
vehicle’s paint from extreme
outdoor weathering conditions.
Our extensive durability
coverage demonstrates our
commitment to quality. This
ensures that any manufacturing
defect that affects the
performance of our films
will be covered under their
durability coverage.

Supreme Defense™ Matte

Supreme Defense™ Matte film helps create a sophisticated
and unique head-turning finish for your vehicle.
  • Ultimate Stain Resistance
  • Invisible Enhanced Finish
  • Effortless self-healing
  • Easy Installation
  • Durability you can trust
  • A beautiful smooth matte finish
    which enhances and transforms a
    vehicle’s paint
  • Self-healing technology enables
    everyday scratches and scuff marks
    to disappear
  • Great conformability and optimal
    adhesive tack delivers high quality,
    professional installation on complex
    curves of your vehicle
  • Offers outstanding protection
    against stains, stone chips, insects,
    or bird droppings
  • Up to 5-year durability

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